NAMM 2013: Bringing Girl Musicians Together

This was definitely my favorite part of NAMM. It’s not everyday that I meet girl musicians, in fact, I only know a handful. As I wandered around four floors of endless gear, I was surprised at how many girl musicians and artists I came across jamming on an instrument or just hanging out. It was exciting to network with girls who are currently doing so much in the industry in different ways. All of them are my heroes. So here’s a tribute to NAMM bringing all the girls who rock together!

savannahsanchez_namm-16Orianthi (Guitarist/Solo artist) – At the risk of sounding totally pathetic, I have to admit I almost died of a heart attack when I saw Orianthi standing in the middle of the lobby at NAMM. For a quick moment we shook hands, snapped a picture, and exchanged compliments of our outfits. As I walked away, I remembered the first time I heard her music, I was 11 and in complete awe. That was the moment I realized for the first time that it was possible for girls to play music just as skilled as guys and I have been so inspired by her since. Her killer guitar playing and strong vocals make her one of the most interesting musicians around. You find plenty videos of Orianthi shredding alongside Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, and more. She makes Rock & Roll look like a walk in the park.


Miranda Miller, Rena Lovelis, and Nia Lovelis of Cherri Bomb – These girls are killer! At ages 13, 15, and 16, they have already toured with the likes of Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pimpkins, and Staind. That’s a huge accomplishment all in itself. They have awesome mad style, play like pro’s, and bring the stage to life during their performances. Definitely not your grandma’s kind of music, haha. Besides releasing their first full length album, Cherri Bomb has been encouraging and helping girls start their own female rock bands. How cool is that?! It was great to meet fellow teenage rockers who are bringin’ it!

savannahsanchez_namm-2Ryan Madora (Bassist/Writer for No Treble) – When I first started playing bass three years ago, I was constantly looking for new inspiration and information to become better. In doing so, I came across an article Ryan wrote about technique that really changed the way I played. After keeping up with her columns, I was stoked to meet her in person and catch her playing.

savannahsanchez_namm-22Elizabeth Hangan (Vocal Instructor/ Bassist) – Not only is she a vocal powerhouse, she also a fantastic bassist and I’ve witnessed it first hand. She has been a great and encouraging friend to me. She rocks!


Tish Ciravolo (Musician/President & Founder of Daisy Rock Guitars) – Tish is one of the most inspiring and awesome musicians to me. She started the first and only guitar company, Daisy Rock Guitars, specifically for girls twelve years ago. Since then, Daisy Rock has put guitars into the hands of over 175,000 girls, including myself. I got my first pink, sparkly Daisy Rock when I was thirteen and fell in love with it. These guitars are more than just cute, they have a comfortable feel and sound great enough to give any girl the confidence to play. Daisy Rock currently has a ton of artists and bands who rock and represent. I honestly adore my Daisy Rock’s and my collection continues to grow. But even more then that, I love this mission that encourages girls to pursue music confidently.

This part of NAMM meant a lot to me. There’s nothing more inspiring than meeting people who share the same dream. It put a smile on my face and fire in my heart. Thanks for taking the time to see NAMM 2013 through my eyes.

P. S. To any of you girls who are reading this and suddenly feel like you were born to play – Find your instrument, raise your voice, and GO FOR IT.

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